My name is Carolyn Martin and I live near at Seaforth near Mackay in Central Queensland, Australia. I have been creating high quality art glass beads since March 2005 in my home studio. Fascinated by glass work I decided to team my knowledge of jewellery design with the medium of glass in March 2005 when I taught myself to make glass beads from reading books. I have since taken some classes to refine my knowledge and learn new techniques from notable Australian & US Artists Peter Minson and Bernard Stoner (Australia), and Corina Tettinger and Loren Stump (US). Glass bead making allows me to visually express my interpretation of colours and textures to create individual and unique pieces of wearable art.

I predominantly use quality Italian Effetre and Vetrofond glass to capture stunning colour combinations, patterns and themes and I constantly marvel at the chemical reactions that can be achieved when coloured glass and silver fuse together in a molten state. My work was displayed in an Art Exhibition held in Melbourne in December 2006 and showcased at the 2006-2008 Sydney Bead & Gem Shows. Australian beading magazines have published my beads and various jewellery designs. I am a member of the Australian Glass Beadmakers Guild, the Australian & New Zealand Self-Representing Glass Beadmakers and the International Society of Glass Beadmakers. I was commissioned to create 100 Commemorative Beads for the 2007 Bead & Gem Shows held in Australian capital cities. 25 of these beads were sold at the Bead & Button Show in the US, with two of them finding a home at the Canadian Bead & Lampwork Museum in Montreal and the other in the Kobe Lampwork Museum, Japan. My work is currently on display and for sale at the Hamilton Island Art Gallery and Mackay Visitors Information Centre.

My beads are greatly inspired by the colours of Australia in a free flowing organic style defined as contemporary abstract. I create beads for Australian and International jewellery designers as well as for use within my own jewellery pieces. I design my beads and jewellery under the “Katzeye Kreations” label.

My glass beads may start with a jewellery design in mind but more often evolve from the natural inspiration that surrounds me in this beautiful country. The diverse range of Australian landscapes from the ever changing coastline to the Outback interior, along with unique Australian flora and fauna, provide the inspirational palette for most of my work.

At present I sell gift items and jewellery through Hamilton Island Art Gallery and via my Facebook page.

Cheers, Carolyn